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Earth - One of the four elements thought to make up the universe; the others being air, fire and water. In Wiccan tradition, it is associated with the North, law, material things, prosperity and the color brown or green on the physical plane.

Earth Signs - The Zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn which are considered to be ruled by the element of  Earth.

Earthing - Sending excess energy into the Earth; done in ritual after power has been raised and sent to its goal.  (See Grounding.)

Earth Magick - A form of magick wherein the powers and energies of Mother Earth are used in magickal workings and rituals.

Earth Power- Defines the force or vibration that exists in many inanimate objects like stones, water, fire, and plants. Can be controlled and used in magick.

Earth Religion - A religion which reveres the Earth, and Nature, as the manifestation of the
Divine, and calls for harmony with Nature and all life and for ecology;
opposes the wanton exploitation of the natural resources of the Earth

Easter - The Christianized spring Pagan holiday of the goddess Eostre, and the Sabbat is commonly known as Ostara. Rabbits and Eggs are fertility symbols, and have nothing to do with Christ.  ME estre, from OE Eastre; akin to OH German Ostarun (plural).  See Ostara.

Eclectic - Any spiritual person who does not subscribe to any one specific denomination or tradition. An Eclectic Pagan incorporates the wisdom of as many traditions as they wish into one personal form of worship. These pagans have the most freedom of worship.

Eclectism - Highly knowledgeable in all aspects of many traditions.  A path that gathers  it's "traditions" from many paths. One who gathers  philosophy from sources as widespread as traditional Witchcraft.

Eclipse, lunar - The total or partial obscuring of the moon from the sun by the earth's shadow.

Eclipse, solar - The total or partial obscuring of the sun when the moon moves in orbit between the sun and the earth.

Eight-Fold Path - Referring to the 8 traditional aspects of religious and magickal training required to be mastered so one can become an adept.
1. Mental discipline through fasting and physical discipline.
2. Development of the Will through mental imagery, visualization, and meditation.
3. Altered states of consciousness, and the judicious use of substances such as alcohol.
4. Personal power, thought-projection, and raising and drawing power.
5. The Keys: ritual knowledge and practice. Use of enchantments, spells, symbols, and charms.
6. Psychic development and dream control.
7. Rising upon the Planes, Astral and mental projection.
8. Sex magick, sensuality, and eroticism.

Elementals - A non-biological form. An awareness or mind without a material body  associated with a given element. Gnomes-Earth; Sylphs-Air; Salamanders-Fire; Undies-Water;  Spirit (or Akasha for elemental magick).

Elements, the Four - Generally one of 4 "energies" that are thought to create all matter and thought in the universe(material and non-material). Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each has specific qualities; ie. Earth is home, law, stability, Air is thought, change, beginnings etc... color correspondences (on the physical plane) are; Air (yellow or white), Fire (red), and Water (blue), and Earth (green or brown).

Element, the Fifth - Spirit or Ether. See Akasha.

Elder -  The highest honor/ Degree that can be given to any follower of Witchcraft. An Elder has given of themselves freely and wholly to the Pagan community and/or the coven(s) to which they belong, are extremely knowledgeable in areas of paganism, and are excellent teachers. Remember, an Elder may not be an 'Elder' to another in that their knowledge is in a different area or tradition, etc., but they are always to be shown great respect and honor for their achievements. The word of an Elder is not 'etched-in-stone' law, and have no more authority than anyone else in a coven, although their words are greatly considered. Traditionally, the title of Elder can be attained with no less than nine (9) years of advanced practice/study. See "Degree System, The

Elixir- A magically charged liquid which has to have a crystal or gem sitting in it for a specific amount of time before it is ready to drink.

Emerald - A magickal stone whose qualities are that of psychic clarity, growth, divination, patterning, and sexuality.

Empathy - Experiencing the feelings that are actually of another person.

Empowerment - An individual's assertion of personal power, energy, force, and strength in all fields... spiritual, physical, mental, magickal.

Enchantment - Magickal object which must be kept secret and hidden from all human eyes. They must be charmed first, gems and magickal writings are good items to use for Enchantments.

Energy - Exactly what it sounds like. Energy, thought, vibration, life.

Energy Construct - Energy is the basic substance from which the Universe is made. It responds to thought and emotion, which give it shape and form. In magic we often use thought and emotion to shape energy into useful forms. The resulting creation -a ball of white light for example- is called an Energy Construct. Energy Constructs have many uses -the magic circle for example, by containing energy intensifies it.

Enochian - This is a type of magick noted in some Judeo-Christian Pagan Traditions. Angelic and/or Demonic Magick. The Satanic Bible was written in the Enochian Language. It is said to be the language that angels and devils use.  examp. the Christian Devil is an angel that fell from their God's favor or 'grace'.

Equinox - ("equal night")  either of the two times each year (as about March 21 and September 23) when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are everywhere of equal length. the Vernal or Spring Equinox, which begins the "Bright Side of the Year", and the Autumnal or Fall Equinox which begins the "Dark Side of the Year" See Ostara and Mabon

E.S.P. - Extra sensory perception - an umbrella term coined in the seventies as a term to describe psychic powers. 

Esbat – Regular Coven, Group meetings usually held on or around the Full Moon to do magickal work. This started due to persecutions, Witches were able to gather and use the full moon to see instead of using lanterns which could be spotted easily. From the Old French "s'esbattre", meaning "to frolic". Opposite of Sabbat which are more for celebration.

Esoteric - Private or Secret. of, dealing with, or taught to selected members, often to the "inner circle" of a coven. It can also mean "earth-based"; as in "Esoteric Traditions".

Essential Oil - A plant oil which is extracted through a very complex process that generally yields very little product, making it costly to buy true essential oils. It's a misconception to think of them as actually being oily because they rarely are. These are called for often in rituals.

Ether,  Aether -  An intangible material substance as opposed to a spiritual substance.  It often refers to an unseen vaporous substance, as well as the occult counterpart of an atmosphere.  Sometimes called "Spirit"

Etheric - Composed of Ether

Evocation - Calling something out from within.

Evoking - Summoning a non-material entity of a lower nature than human

Experimental Method - The measure of truth used in science. A hypothesis is arrived at through research and observation, then tested by further observation and the use of experiments to determine its validity. If replicable experiments support the hypothesis, it may then be developed into a theory. An experiment is not considered valid unless it can be successfully reproduced.

Faerie - One of many nature spirits/ supernatural being that inhabit a realm or dimension next to our own.

Faerie Burgh or Mound - Mound of earth which opens to a Faerie colony's underground home.

Faery - Or "Faerie" when in regards to a Celtic Tradition of Shamanic Witchcraft.

Familiar - A spirit or guardianfrom the Astral Plane who is close to a human being and considered a companion in magick. The spirit often manifests itself in a sacred object or a pet. This explains the misconception that all witches have black cats, which is not necessarily true though a cat is a magickal creature and often does become a familiar.

Feng Shui - Ancient Chinese art of Geomancy based on the directions and the Asian system of five Elements.

Feri Tradition - There are a number of ways to spell the name of this tradition. You'll also see Fairy, Faery, and Faerie. Victor Anderson is credited with bringing the Feri tradition to the United States, where he has taught in the San Francisco area since the late 1960's. Feri teachers tend to add something of their own when they teach, so there is a strain of eclecticism in this tradition. Feris are usually solitary, or they work in small groups.

Fetch- A male witch who acts as a messenger and general assistant to a coven's High Priestess and High Priest. Also called the Summoner.

Fetish - From Feitico “a thing made” A Shamanic term for a magickal tool, talisman, amulet, charm bag, etc.

Fire - One of the four elements thought to make up the universe; the others being air, water and earth. In Wiccan tradition, it is associated with the South, light, the will, passion and the color red on the physical plane.

Fire Signs-The Zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius which are considered to be ruled by the element of Fire.

Fire Festivals - Referring to the Greater Sabbats that are Celtic in origin and when bonfires are lit. These are Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnassadh. See Cross Quarter.

First Degree - After one has passed their time as a Neophyte (if using the 5 degree system) they enter the first stage of Priesthood. Seen as Priest/esses of the Lady and Lord.  May hold minor positions of authority within the Coven such as Scribes and Messengers.  Might be qualified to teach neophytes if they feel comfortable doing so, qualified to assist in Sabbats and other rituals as the High Priestess designates. Even without 'advanced' study they are seen, in the coven's eyes, as capable of undertaking their own ritual obligations. May hold minor positions of authority within the Coven such as Scribes and Messengers.  May sponsor someone for Coven membership.   These priests and priestesses have taken the first step towards their chosen spiritual path. See "Degree System, The".

Five-fold Kiss / Salute - A traditional salute/ Great Rite, generally performed between the High Priest and the High Priestess.  Most commonly done as part of a 'Handfasting' ceremony.  Additional are the three fold and eight fold kiss (three and five fold together).

"Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways."      Kiss each foot
"Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar."        Kiss each knee
"Blessed be thy womb/phallus, without - we would not be."      Kiss at genitals
"Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty/strength."                   Kiss each breast
"Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the sacred names."              Kiss lips

 Fluorite - A magickal stone whose qualities are that of Otherworldly experience and peace.

Fluffy - A term used to describe Wiccans who only see the happy, light, positive side of magick.

Folklore - Traditional sayings, cures, wisdom of a particular locale which is separate from their mythology.

Four Quarters - Four cardinal directions in a circle, often represented by the Watchtowers.

Four Worlds - A Western metaphysical Occultism concept separating the world into four states: Divine, Spiritual, Mental & Material

Full Moon- Phase of the moon when it has waxed fully. Best time for spells involving psychic powers, and for magick in general. The pinnacle of 'positive' natural/lunar energies and magickal powers such as consecration and attainment spells. There are 12 - 13 Full Moons a year, the first one following Yule (time of rebirth) 

Futhark- Runic alphabet used often in divination, its origins are Norse (Germanic). Divided into the elder Futhark and the younger Futhark (which has fewer runes).

Gaia - A Greek Goddess known as Deep breasted Mother Earth who came from primeval Chaos.

Gardner , Gerald B. - The man credited with the Pagan revival in England (and the world, really) in the 1950's. The first person to declare himself a witch after the Persecutions. He has written many books on the topic, actually making him one of the forefathers of modern Wicca literature and texts.

Gardnerian Tradition- Tradition of witchcraft based on the teachings of Doreen Valeniente and Gerald Gardner, though many covens calling themselves Gardnerian today have expanded and modified the original teachings.

Garnet - A magickal stone whose qualities are that of physical strength, imagination, flow, love, and passion.

Geomancy - Form of fortune telling using earth. Art of reading the Earth’s energy. By aligning to the natural orientation and flow of energy in this manner, we add to the effectiveness of our workings.

Georgian Wicca - George Patterson founded the Georgian tradition in Bakersfield, California, in 1970. They also are known as The Georgian Church. Their rituals are drawn from Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions with other elements added as the coven members see fit. In fact, in some covens members write their own rituals. Some Georgian covens work skyclad, and some do not.

Glamor – A spell to make the observer believe things are different then they really are.

Glyph- A sigil imbued with magick. An astrological symbol used to represent a sign of the Zodiac, a planet, aspect or asteroid.

God - The Divine male principle. He has many names from different cultures. Can be the Horned God, the god of the Hunt / the Greenman, an agricultural god, a specific God from a certain mythology, etc.

Goddess - The Divine feminine. She has many names from different cultures. Can be the Maiden, Mother, Crone, Earth Mother, Moon Goddess, Dark Goddess, a specific Goddess from a certain mythology, etc.

Goblet - The ritual Cup. This is the preferred term used by Pagans over the more Christian term, "Chalice". It is used symbolically as the female principle in the enactment of the Great Rite. It is used during ritual once the waters of life which it contains is blessed, it is passed around so that everyone in the coven may bring the Goddess "into" themselves. Traditionally this sacred object is made of metal or clay (glass), symbolizing the womb, rebirth the element of Water (and the Goddess).

Gothic - Of the Northern-European Pagan traditions and/or cultural tribes other than Celtic. These include Norse, Germanic, Icelandic, Dutch, Swedish, etc.

Grand Druid - The leader of the High Council of Nine. This is the "Pope" of Celtic Druidism.

Greenman - Generally the God of the Forest, God of fertility etc.

Grimoire- A magickal workbook which contains various information on rituals, formula, correspondences, and preparation of ritual tools and space. Some dating back to pre Christianity. Today they are a Witches Book of Shadows.

Great Rite - The rite which is the focus of the third degree initiation, and which is also used for festivals which involve fertility of the land, most notably Beltaine. It is sexual in nature, symbolizes the union of the God and Goddess a joining together of divine masculine and feminine forces to reenact and stimulate the creation of life. It is usually symbolic in ritual for the purpose of blessing the wine, with the Athame (a phallic symbol) placed point down into the Chalice (a yonic symbol) or by placing a lit candle into a chalice. It can also be actual (and private to the couple concerned), and as the participants wish.

Gris-Gris -(pr. "Gre Gre")  In African religious systems, a charm, fetish, or amulet.

Grounding - Sending excess energies into the Earth, releasing excess energy to focus back into the physical here and now, after magical or psychic work.
Grove - A clearing in a woodland or forest in which Witches (especially Druidic and Celtic traditions) have their covenstead. Sacred land of a pagan, witch, or coven.

Guardians - Astral entities associated with the Elements of the four Cardinal Directions. The Guardians are used by Ceremonial Magicians and many Wiccans to watch over a ritual and provide protection at the Four Quarters of the Magick Circle.

Guardian Spirits - Spirits that are present in our lives, and serve as protectors of our person and spirit. It is believed that everyone has Guardian Spirits, though very few are aware of the role they play.

Gwyddon - Magician; Wise One (Witch or Wiccan), Astrologer, and/or Healer.

Gwyddonic Druidism - A Druidic pagan tradition which focuses greatly on the concept of "Oneness". See also "Oneness".

Gwydion - Is the son of "Danu" ("Don"). He is a God of kindness, the arts, eloquence, and magick; a master of illusion and fantasy, and helper of humankind. He is the brother of "Gobannon" and "Amaethon". He is brother and Consort to "Arianhrod". Gwydion has 2 sons, "Dylan" and "Lugh". "Math", son of "Mathonwy", handed on his knowledge and abilities (which are infinite) to his student and nephew Gwydion. A bard and magician, Prince of the powers of Air, and a shape-shifter. He is a great enchanter and healer and his magickal symbol is the harp.